I'm Back!!!

I’m back!  Not sure if you have been aware but I recently had a full hip replacement.  I had 7 months of home rest so wasn’t at the café and was totally not happy about it!

This time was used in the best way I could whilst not in the kitchen.  I focused on creating a website with the expertise of Rocket spark and Katrina at Brand Merchant.  Together everything came together perfectly.  I started up an online shop with all the favourite kitchen things I love in my life.  It started with an ergonomic wooden spoon that is my absolute go to – I wanted everyone to know how amazing this one piece of equipment is!!

The more I thought of my favourite items in the kitchen the more the shop grew – I am adding more and more every day and much to the staffs dismay; the café itself is starting to heave with merchandise…..

The staff: Peter, Amanda, Georgia, Kellie, Meeka, Lilly and Blake were the absolute backbone of keeping my vision alive and holding things together whilst I deteriorated and eventually unable to be even perched on a stool.  My heartfelt thanks to them all – I know I was a grump and as much as I kept trying to keep my finger in the pie, I’m pretty sure the more annoying I became!

I also, gave a lot of time to completing my book and I packed my laptop when we headed to Auckland for my surgery.  I had been on a walking frame for the last 6 months and Peter had basically assisted me in every way possible – I couldn’t shower without the right equipment and Peter to monitor, and he basically was running the business and the home by now.  Soooo when I awoke from the surgery I came around and thought “I feel like ME again!!!” I grabbed my laptop and spent the next 7 hours typing and getting lost in the zone of my book.  I completed the last section of the book and I have now submitted to a publisher and will keep you updated of the progress – its very exciting and my book is a story of my life since cooking influenced me from the early age of 12 right through to today – it is weaved with recipes that have shaped my life that are important for me to share. 

Each day I improve, and you will see me in the café more and more as I gather my strength.  My post-op hasn’t been as simple as most and I am rebuilding a lot of internal damage, so I am listening to the experts and doing as I am told – I’m not usually very good at this………


See you at the café and tune in again next month for more updates of where our team at Carleys Kitchen are at.

Happy cooking my little chickens xx

Here is me straight out the theater ready to start writing!!!


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