For the love of food

From city to country
and back again

I grew up surrounded by love, laughter, and great food. Our farmhouse dining table was the heart of this hustle and bustle, a place where friends, family, farm workers, and neighbours would come together, enjoy great banter, and eat good old fashioned, hearty meals. This is what Carley’s Kitchen is all about… but it’s taken us a while to get here.

While my love of cooking was formed in the kitchens of the women in my life, among batches of scones, pickles, fresh milk, and eggs, it wasn’t until I moved to Great Barrier Island that I understood how influential food can be.

Improvisation was a key ingredient, creativity was a staple, and love was what made everything taste so good. From growing fresh produce to making do with what was on the shelves, in the kitchen is where you’ll find me most at home. At Carley’s Kitchen, we have no set menu; what we cook each day is what we feel. Every dish has a story, every taste invokes a memory, and every customer becomes family.

Good food has the power to bring people together, satisfy the soul, and have you cherishing the moment. We hope every dish in our kitchen has you coming back for more.

We can’t wait to share our love of food with you... again, and again.

 Love Carley x

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The first course...

Sundays were baking days in our house, getting ready for the school week and preparing for the traditional Sunday roast of course. The eldest of five children on the family farm in Taneatua, my memories are of hours spent in the kitchen with mum, the Kenwood whirring in the background.

Playcentre gatherings, sports clubs, Girl Guides, athletics days, and neighbourhood parties were all about home cooked food and sharing. Friends would visit knowing the cake tins were always full and the kids at school would try and swap their lunches for a slice of my Louise cake or Caramel Square. Food, made with love, brought our friends, whanau, and community together...

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